Currency Trading for Dummies

Currency Trading for Dummies Brian Dolan bookby Brian Dolan

Currency Trading for Dummies gives readers a step by step guide to getting acquainted with the Forex market.

This book is a book of Forex strategy, fundamentals, mental game and a lot more. If you are just starting or a veteran purchase this book… It gives you those jewels that you hear and wonder,” where that come from?”. The indicator section is the best. So many traders are always trying out the new indicator. Truth be told they all are the same. Your overall package as a trader is what makes you profitable, not 50 moving averages crossing.

Forex is the best market out here period, but the books and information available are lacking real substance. Do not let the title fool you. This book is written by owners of Forex brokerages. They hold nothing back. This book is for dummies and pros a like.
Features Forex market guidelines and sample trading plans:

  • Identify trading opportunities
  • Understand what drives the Forex market
  • Choose a trading Forex broker
  • Execute a successful currency trade
  • Minimize risk and maximize profit
  • Analyze currency charts

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