Effective Guide To Forex Trading

Effective Guide To Forex Tradingby Kelvin Lee

“Effective Guide To Forex Trading – Learn 2 Reliable Forex Strategies That Makes 50 Pips Every Trade” is a great book that is easy to understand for someone new to the market. It is not hundreds of pages and gets straight to the point so you can put your new knowledge into practice. Great Job Kevin.

In this book, you will learn 2 reliable strategies that makes 50 pips per trade which can help you to make extra income consistently as well as important technical analysis techniques that can improve your trading skills.

You will learn the following in this guide:

  • What Exactly is Forex Trading
  • Can Anyone Really Make Money From Trading Forex
  • How To Trade Forex Effectively
  • Which time frame should you choose when trading Forex
  • 4 Powerful and Reliable Forex Indicators To Use
  • Important Candlestick Patterns You Must Know
  • How to identify strong level of support and resistance
  • 2 Working Strategies that you can use to make money
  • The importance of Proper Money Management


You will be taught the exact trade setups that you need in order to trade the 2 reliable strategies. In addition, you will be taught how to avoid getting into fakeout trades that eventually leads to losses.

In this guide, you will be taught exactly when to enter a trade as well as when to exit your trade. Most importantly you will be taught the importance of risk reward ratio that actually differentiate a profitable trader from a losing trader.

If you are still struggling with your trading and is unable to make consistent income for yourself, this is a guide that can help you to overcome your current problem.

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