Forex Trading Using Intermarket Analysis

Forex Trading Using Intermarket Analysis

by Louis B. Mendelsohn

his book offers an excellent overview of the Forex markets and their interrelationships. I have read hundreds of explanations of the Forex markets, but Mendelsohn’s explanations go beyond the typical, mundane description of the currency markets on usually finds. He then goes on to describe, in a general way, how markets are interrelated and the kinds of markets that might inpact the currency markets.

This book explores the application of intermarket analysis to the foreign exchange market, the world’s largest and most widely traded financial market. Intermarket analysis helps forex traders identify and anticipate changes in trend direction and prices due to influences of other related markets as financial markets have become interconnected and interdependent in today’s global economy. These markets include forex futures and options as well as major cash forex pairs, which are affected not only by other currencies, but by related markets such as the S&P Index, gold, crude oil, and interest rates.

As the world economy of the 21st century continues to grow and as new advances in information technologies continue to be introduced, financial markets will become even more globalized and sophisticated than they are today, increasing the central role that the forex markets play in the global economy.

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