Profiting With Forex: The Most Effective Tools and Techniques for Trading Currencies

Profiting With Forex book
by John Jagerson

If you want to really understand the forces behind the Forex market, this book is a must for you, especially, if your knowledge is limited regarding the fundamental analysis.

The authors beautifully described how different economic indicators– such as oil, inflation…etc affect the market. Technical analysis in this book is limited, however, it still very effective!

If you’re a relative newbie to Forex, this book will introduce you to the fast paced foreign exchange market. It glosses over many different subjects, not really going into great detail but providing just enough information for the novice to learn some new things.

“Profiting With Forex” covers basics like how some currencies are tied to commodities like gold and oil, and the basics of technical analysis. If you know what “Bid” and “Ask” are and what a “pip” is and are looking to learn from there, this book will be a good building block in your Forex trading library.

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