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Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets
1. Technical Analysis of the Financial Market

Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets

by John J. Murphy

Book Info

John J. Murphy is President of MURPHYMORRIS, Inc., a producer of interactive educational products for technical analysis. A former technical analyst for CNBC and director of Merrill Lynch's Technical Analysis Futures Division, he is the author of The Visual Investor and Intermarket Technical...

2. Technical Analysis In The Global Currency Markets

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Technical Analysis Applications In The Global Currency Markets Second Edition

by Cornelius Luca

Book Info

A comprehensive guide to the foreign currency market showing beginners and experienced traders how to use technical analysis to cash in on opportunities. The enclosed CD-ROM contains a software software demonstration program to test the methods in the text and apply them to real trading.

3. Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis

by Jack D. Schwager

Book Info

The latest book in the Schwager on Futures series, written in the highly-informative yet non-technical style for which the bestselling author is famous. Contains the most complete and in-depth presentation of technical analysis available.

4. cover

The Encyclopedia Of Technical Market Indicators, Second Edition

by Robert W. Colby

Book Info

First published in 1988, The Encyclopedia of Technical Market Indicators has sold more than 20,000 copies with revenues of nearly 600,000 dollars. In the years since its original publication, much has changed concerning technical analysis and market indicators. Many new indicators have emerged and are now in widespread use. Other indicators have fallen out of favor. Still other indicators that have been in use for years are being used in new ways or with a new twist. The revised edition of this classic will be much broader in scope and appeal and be more user friendly.

5. cover

Technical Analysis from A to Z, 2nd Edition

by Steven B. Achelis

Book Info

This revised edition provides a basic overview of technical analysis for readers who are new to the subject, explaining what technical analysis with regard to trading actually entails. It presents 102 technical indicators, arranged alphabetically.

6. Fibonacci Trading

New Frontiers in Fibonacci Trading: Charting Techniques, Strategies & Simple Applications

by Michael Jardine

Book Info

Experienced and novice traders alike will discover powerful tools and strategies to assist them in their day-to-day decision-making. Written in an easy to read style with many practical examples, “New Frontiers in Fibonacci Trading: Charting Techniques, Strategies & Simple Applications” is a must read to help traders make logical, unemotional trading decisions. Join Michael as he breaks down a complicated mathematical equation into simplistic terms that even the novice trader will be able to follow. His years of trading in the trenches, has taught him the most practical ways to apply time-tested methods to an ever-changing market. This book is filled with concepts and techniques that profitable traders use everyday. The graphics, charts, and accompanying text found throughout the chapters clearly illustrate and explain real trading situations and setups..

7. Support & Resistance Simplified

Support & Resistance Simplified

by Michael Thomsett

Book Info

“Support and Resistance is perhaps the greatest contribution, and most widely held concept in technical analysis, and has since become an invaluable method for technical trader and investor alike…As founder and president of the nations most recognized research and education facility for traders, MarketWise Trading School's core curriculum and analysis begins with a thorough understanding of Support and Resistance…This excellent primer explains these dynamics and the proper use of S&R using today's technology”

8. Bollinger Bands

Bollinger on Bollinger Bands

by John A. Bollinger

Book Info

Insiders and experienced traders have long used Bollinger Bands to accurately predict price action. Now -- for the first time ever -- learn to use and apply this extraordinary technique directly from the man who created it. Explained in clear, step-by-step terms discover how to compare price and indicator action and make sound, sensible -- and profitable -- trading decisions. Concise, straightforward and filled with instructive charts and visual aides, this remarkable works is essential reading for all serious traders, regardless of the market condition. Bollinger includes his simple system for implementation - and personal techniques for combining bands and indicators.

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