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Money Management & Risk Control
We have a certain percentage of our trades that will work out, and a certain percentage that will not. But your next trade has nothing to do with your last one. So even if you have the world's most accurate trading system, over time you will go broke if you don't practice good money management and risk control.

Money Management:The Key to Successful Trading

by David Stendahl of TradeSignals

There is more to the concept of money management than simply using a protective stop loss in your day-to-day trading.


Setting Targets and Controlling Risk with Continuation Patterns

by Gary L. Tilkin -February 2002 - Active Trader Magazine

Getting an early (but not too early) jump on prices moves will improve the performance of any pattern-based strategy. This approach uses a momentum oscillator to signal potential price swings and continuation patterns to set price goals and risk levels.

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