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Technical Analysis
The technical analyst believes that the market price reflects all known information about the individual security. It includes all public and insider information. The market price reflects all the different investor opinions regarding that security. The tools of the technical analyst are indicators and systems which are used on price charts. Moving averages, support and resistance lines, envelopes, Bollinger bands, momentum... .

Technical Analysis…Does It REALLY Work?

by Mike von Bertouch, mike@mytradingtools.com

Analysis of financial markets is conventionally divided into two generic streams: technical analysis and fundamental analysis. Both approaches are quite different in their methodology and they both have relevance to analysing ....


MACD Divergence

by Gary L. Tilkin - June 2001 - Active Trader Magazine

No matter what market you trade, taking a top-down approach can save you from bad decisions. Here's how to use the MACD indicator to identify longer-term turning points that set up short-term trades.


The Best Momentum Indicator

by Cynthia Case.

For example, if a fast moving average crosses a slow one, does that mean the market is going up?…


Ichimoku Charts

by Ken Muranaka - Stocks & Commodities

A Japanese charting technique developed early in the 20th century is enjoying renewed popularity.

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